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Flowering Currant (Ribes Sanguineum) 40-60cm

Flowering Currant (Ribes Sanguineum) 40-60cm

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Ribes sanguineum, commonly known as the red-flowering currant, is a deciduous shrub. It is known for its vibrant and showy pink to red flowers, making it a popular choice in gardens and landscapes for its ornamental value.  Leaves are typically green in colour and turn yellow in the Autumn. The flowers appear in late winter to early spring, before the leaves emerge, making it one of the first shrubs to bloom in the garden. After flowering, it produces small, dark purple to black berries. The berries are edible but are often considered quite tart. They can be used in jams, jellies, and baking.

Using bareroot specimens is a cost-effective alternative to pot grown plants and allows the plants to establish their root systems before the growing season starts.

This is a BARE ROOT plant which can be planted during dormant months, usually November until March. Dispatch date varies from year to year as plant can only be lifted when dormant. This plant has exposed roots and must be planted once received. 

Characteristics: Deciduous, bush

Plants per metre: Recommended 3-5 per lm

Growth Rate: 0.3m+ per year

Ideal Maintained Height: 1.2-3m high


 image 1 By brewbooks from near Seattle, USA - Red currant - Rattlesnake Mountain  side trail, CC BY-SA 2.0,

image 2 By Patrice78500 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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