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Pin Oak (Quercus Palustris)

Pin Oak (Quercus Palustris)

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Quercus palustris, commonly known as the pin oak is a large growing deciduous tree. The leaves usually have 5-7 deep lobes that are dark green during the growing season and turn red or brown in Autumn. The bark is dark and furrowed, with deep grooves and ridges. It is often found in wet or poorly-drained areas, including swamps, floodplains, and low-lying areas. It can tolerate occasional flooding and wet soils better than some other oak species. Pin oaks are often planted as ornamental trees in urban and suburban landscapes due to their attractive shape and fall foliage. They are known for their symmetrical, pyramidal growth habit and are commonly used as shade trees. It is an important species for wildlife, as its acorns are a food source for various animals, including squirrels and deer. Additionally, it provides habitat and nesting sites for birds and insects.

Using bareroot specimens is a cost-effective alternative to pot grown plants and allows the plants to establish their root systems before the growing season starts.

This is a BARE ROOT plant which can be planted during dormant months, usually November until March. Dispatch date varies from year to year as plant can only be lifted when dormant. This plant has exposed roots and must be planted once received. 

Characteristics: Deciduous, pyramidal crown 

Growth Rate: 0.4m+ per year 

Maximum Height: 15-20m dependent on location


Pic 1 By [[File:Quercus palustris Smithfield RI.jpg|Quercus_palustris_Smithfield_RI]]

Pic 2 By [[File:Pin oak quercus palustris.jpg|Pin_oak_quercus_palustris]]

Pic 3 By [[File:'Quercus palustris' Pin Oak - Beale Arboretum - West Lodge Park, Hadley Wood Enfield London.jpg|'Quercus_palustris'_Pin_Oak_-_Beale_Arboretum_-_West_Lodge_Park,_Hadley_Wood_Enfield_London]]

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